Our Calling


We want to reach out to those unreached peoples that Jesus is opening our eyes to.

  • When God opens our eyes to show us someone, it is because he is at work and is calling us to action.
  • They are only unreached until God calls us to action and we step forward in obedience. God is already at work and we become the tools of His reconciliation
  • We want to live life with them so that they see the life of Jesus in us



we want to be God’s voice of reconciliation to them. To share the Good News of Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

  • we want them to know Jesus. Not just knowledge…but to encounter the risen Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • we want them to come to understand that through faith in Jesus’ “once for all” sacrifice, they can be reconciled to him
  • we want them to know that through faith in Jesus they receive the Holy Spirit and can begin to enjoy and thrive in the “Zoe” (eternal, abundant) life that he promises



we want to release them into the call that Jesus has placed on their lives. We want them to move to action when God opens their eyes to the places he is at work around them.

  • we want them to understand that all are called to make disciples of Jesus
  • we want them to understand that the gospel is too great to be kept to themselves
  • we want them to know that all they need to accomplish this work is provided through the Holy Spirit and they can be released to follow His lead

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