Crescendo of Blessing

If you are in music ministry in the church you have undoubtedly faced times of stagnation. Nothing is new, creativity is blah, or no matter what you do, somebody is always unhappy with your song choices or the volume. I have faced many times where it just seems hopeless to try, even though my heart longs to worship and longs to help people to express something genuine to Jesus. It’s these times in our ministry when our faithfulness is put to the test.

But sometimes God gives you a moment when everything comes together. When you and the congregation are on the same page and God has decided to reward your faithfulness. Well, this past weekend God brought a crescendo of blessing to my heart. We just finished leading worship for our National Conference for the EFCC. It was amazing! It was like we were one heart expressing together our love for our Saviour. WOW! It was a lot of work and very tiring, but it has energized my life so much.

Be diligent my friends. Serve God and serve your people. Do your best to live in humility, be a servant first, and God in his own timing with lift you up. Nothing is better than serving God and loving his people. That is a life worth living



2 thoughts on “Crescendo of Blessing

  1. Thanks for sharing Graeme. I want to tell you that I was incredibly blessed and encouraged as well, watching your team worship and being part of such a huge, swelling song of praise to our God – praise His Name!

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